Information Available from Trustees’ Public Meeting


The Trustees held their first public meeting on Gulf restoration efforts since the settlement with BP in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nearly 100 people—including state officials, local citizens, and representatives from non-profit organizations and fishing groups—attended the September 28 meeting.

The meeting included an open house and a presentation from the Trustees. We gave an update on our work since the settlement, and described restoration planning activities and opportunities for public engagement. 

Representatives of the seven Trustee Implementation Groups (TIGs) also gave updates. These groups are responsible for planning and implementing restoration projects for the natural resources injured by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

There was also an opportunity for the public to provide comments. We appreciate all the questions and feedback we received. 

Each TIG and the Trustee Council have committed to hold at least one public meeting a year. This meeting served as the annual public meeting for the Trustee Council and the Region-wide TIG. 

You can view all the materials presented at the meeting—including the presentations, a transcript of remarks, and the restoration area fact sheets—below:


Fact Sheets 

Restoration Area:

Allocation of funding by restoration area: