Regionwide Restoration Area

Marsh at bon secour

Marsh at Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge
Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Restoration for the Regionwide Restoration Area is replenishing and protecting marine mammals, sea turtles, birds, and oysters. These resources affected by the spill often live and migrate across the Gulf of Mexico —so Regionwide Restoration Area projects are being implemented across these jurisdictional boundaries.

The Regionwide Restoration Area is made up of trustees from each Gulf state and all the respective federal trustees. The Regionwide Restoration Area is responsible for planning and implementing restoration activities for resources that range throughout the Gulf of Mexico. It is also promoting collaboration and coordination between the individual federal and state trustees. This will ensure that restoration is performed effectively for the entire ecosystem.

Together, we are restoring natural resources—and the services they provide—that were injured by the spill. As part of the restoration planning process, we are accepting restoration project ideas from the public. We are developing restoration plans that are consistent with the programmatic restoration plan (see chart below).  The public also has the opportunity to review and comment on any proposed restoration plans for the Regionwide Restoration Area. Once a plan is approved, we will implement and monitor the selected projects.

Restoration Plans

Regionwide Restoration Plan 1

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a silhouette of a man fishing off of a boat is shown

Outreach materials are now available from the June

a couple stands on a beach with an orange sunset in the background

Through the cooperation and coordination of five

Aerial view of beach and vegetated habitat on the Gulf Coast.

Approximately 99 acres of property on Fort Morgan

On a Mississippi Gulf Coast beach looking out to the water with a pier.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill Natural Resource

Hundreds of sea turtles on the floor of the South Padre Island Convention Centre

In February 2021, Texas experienced a historic

Anglers fishing on kayaks in Texas, near Port Aransas. Copyright Texas Parks and Wildlife

The Trustee Council will hold its sixth annual

A large turtle sits on a beach. Image: Florida Fish and Wildlife

The Regionwide Trustees held two virtual public

Two scientists wade in water next to oyster reefs with measurement tools and a clipboard.

The Deepwater Horizon Regionwide Trustee

Green turtle swims by an artifical reef in the Gulf of Mexico. Image: Florida Fish and WIldlife

The Regionwide Trustee Implementation Group is

A school of Horse-eye jacks in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Trustee Council will hold its fifth annual

Sunset over dunes and marsh in Destin Florida, a dolphin dorsal fin breaches the water in the foreground.

In 2019, the Deepwater Horizon Trustees continued

A diver operates a camera in a coral nursery.

The Trustees are committed to providing annual

reddish egret

The Regionwide Trustee Implementation Group (TIG)

green turtle on a beach

It’s been one year since we settled with BP and

Nesting brown pelicans

The recent settlement with BP has cleared the way


Projects led by the trustees for the Regionwide Restoration Area are below. Use the filters below to search for specific projects. Learn more about individual projects below or view them in our interactive map. You can also learn about the environmental compliance for each of these projects


Planning led by the trustees for the Regionwide Restoration Area are below. Use the filters below to search for specific planning efforts.
Regionwide Allocation of Restoration Funds

The chart shows the restoration funding allocated to the Regionwide Restoration Area for each restoration goal and the percentage of committed funds as of May 2023. For more information on the allocation of funds, please visit the Department of Justice Deepwater Horizon page.

rw funding 2024

Monitoring and Adaptive Management

The Regionwide Restoration Area considers monitoring and adaptive management throughout their restoration efforts.

Check out the Monitoring and Adaptive Management Manual for more information.

Looking for information about Gulf of Mexico Colonial Waterbirds? View the Avian Data Monitoring Portal

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Trustee Implementation Group