Reviewing Restoration Progress

The 2021 Deepwater Horizon Programmatic Review Cover

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The Trustee Council’s 2016 Programmatic Restoration Plan provides that the Trustees for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill may re-examine the restoration program to track progress towards meeting restoration goals and evaluate any potential needs for program adjustments.

Assess­ing and documenting progress in a publicly available report is consistent with the Trustees’ commitment to reporting on progress of restoration to the public. Evaluating progress provides a basis to examine the potential need for adjustments to the pace, direction, administrative processes, or other aspects of Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Dam­age Assessment restoration planning and implementation.

To fulfill these commitments, the Trustees released the first Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment Programmatic Review in November 2021. The Programmatic Review provides an in-depth look at restoration progress through the end of 2020. The document is organized as follows:

  • Executive Summary: Provides background information on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and restoration planning, and the purpose of the Programmatic Review
  • Administrative Oversight: Provides updates on Trustee governance, financial management, public engagement, and regulatory compliance
  • Restoration Planning, Implementation Process, Monitoring and Adaptive Management Process: Summarizes the process used by the Trustees to identify and evaluate potential restoration projects, finalize project selection for implementation, and explains the role of monitoring and adaptive management
  • Restoration Implementation Progress: Provides updates on restoration implementation progress for each of the 13 restoration types
  • Restoration Area Updates: Presents restoration progress information by geographic area
  • Future Restoration Planning: Provides a summary of how the Trustee Council will continue to pursue restoration

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