Public Input Drives Improvements to the Gulf Spill Restoration Website

An updated user experience allows Gulf Spill Restoration website visitors to find information easier. Image credit: Women of Color in Tech

Stakeholder and community feedback have contributed to improved usability and experience for visitors to our website at Redesigned for you, it is now easier to stay up-to-date with draft and final restoration plans, monitoring and adaptive management work, and other Trustee Implementation Group activities.

We heard comments that you were looking for better ways to find information, track comment periods, and follow restoration progress. We invite you to take a tour through the improved website, including these key updates:

  • The homepage now includes a green box that lists plans currently open for public comment. When the Trustees have a plan open for comment, this section of the homepage will include a “comment now” button to go directly to the online comment portal for the respective plans. There will also be a deadline date to ensure you don’t miss the comment period.
  • We refreshed the restoration area pages to include more pertinent information. Most noticeably we added a section for Draft and Final Plans that links directly to the documents. Towards the bottom of the restoration area pages we added a Monitoring and Adaptive Management section with information specific to that restoration area. Additionally, the Projects table is now split into two tables, one for Projects and one for Planning, making it easier to distinguish between on-the-ground restoration projects and planning initiatives.
  • We added more filters to the story archive so you can easily filter articles that have a “Final Restoration Plan,” include “Translated Information,” or are about a “Public Meeting” to make it easier for you to find information.

Thank you for your continued support and input as we strive to implement our programmatic plan to restore the Gulf. Sign-up for our mailing list if you would like the latest updates delivered directly to your inbox.