Deepwater Horizon Trustee Members Providing In-person Program Updates at GoMOSES Next Week


Many members of the Deepwater Horizon Trustee Implementation Groups and the Cross-Trustee Monitoring and Adaptive Management work group will participate in the upcoming Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference in New Orleans.

Members will give presentations covering a host of different topics. We encourage partners and stakeholders who are at the conference to stop by the following sessions.

Including presentations on the recently completed Monitoring and Adaptive Management Manual, RESTORE Council’s Monitoring and Assessment Program and a bonus panel discussion on both efforts, covering cross-program monitoring coordination.

Including presentations on our Strategic Frameworks, restoration of Mesophotic and Deep Benthic Communities, and early restoration sea turtle and North Breton Island projects.

Including an update on the Oceanic Fish Restoration Project which just kicked off its second season.

This is a great opportunity to engage Trustee Implementation Group and work group members, and learn about past, current and future planning and projects, and the coordination driving our work. We hope to see you there.