Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group Releases First Draft Restoration Plan


The Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group has released its first restoration plan to address natural resource injuries from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The plan is consistent with the Trustees’ programmatic restoration plan

The draft restoration plan covers engineering and design activities for six proposed projects, which will restore:

  • wetlands, coastal and nearshore habitats in Barataria, Terrebonne, and Pontchartrain basins;
  • habitat projects on federally managed lands in Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve; and
  • birds.

The total estimated cost for the engineering and design activities for the proposed restoration projects is $22.3 million. Information developed through these activities will be considered in the implementation phase for these projects, which will be addressed in a subsequent restoration plan.

We began this restoration planning effort in July 2016, by requesting project ideas from the public. We considered these ideas when identifying and screening project proposals.

We are now asking for public comment on the draft restoration plan. If requested, we will schedule a public meeting to facilitate public review and comment on the draft plan.

Comments can be made online or submitted by mail to:

  • Louisiana Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority, ATTN: Liz Williams, P.O. Box 44027, Baton Rouge, LA 70804; or
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, P.O. Box 49567, Atlanta, GA 30345

Comments are due by November 28, 2016. After the public comment period ends, we will review, consider, and address public comments before releasing a final restoration plan.