Open Ocean Trustees Initiate Restoration Planning


The Open Ocean Trustee Implementation Group has initiated drafting of its first and second post settlement draft restoration plans to address natural resource injuries caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Open Ocean Draft Restoration Plan 1, expected release summer 2018:

  • Birds
  • Sturgeon

Open Ocean Draft Restoration Plan 2, expected release near the end of calendar year 2018:

  • Sea TurtlesSea Turtle in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Marine Mammals
  • Fish and Water Column Invertebrates
  • Mesophotic and Deep Benthic Communities

Both plans will be consistent with the Trustee Council’s programmatic restoration plan and will include proposed projects for each of the restoration types listed above that best address the priorities identified in the request for project ideas from March 2017. The draft plans will provide information on proposed projects or activities, including funding and our evaluation of project alternatives under the Oil Pollution Act and National Environmental Policy Act. The plans may also propose activities necessary to fill essential data gaps for restoration of open ocean resources.

Due to the types of activities being considered for Plan 2, we will conduct stakeholder outreach to assist in our planning efforts. There will also be opportunities to review and provide input on each of the draft restoration plans, including specific projects proposed for implementation. After the public comment period ends, we will review, consider, and incorporate public comments before completing any final restoration plans.

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