Alabama Trustee Implementation Group Drafting Third Restoration Plan


The Alabama Trustee Implementation Group has initiated drafting a Restoration Plan III/Environmental Assessment. This will be our third plan to help address injuries from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This plan will be consistent with the Trustees’ 2016 Programmatic Restoration Plan.

In December 2018, as part of our restoration planning efforts, we asked the public for project ideas that could provide and enhance recreational opportunities and benefit bird restoration in the Alabama Restoration Area. For the upcoming plan, we intend to consider restoration projects for both of those Restoration Types.

  • The draft plan will explain our rationale for considering projects for the "Provide and Enhance Recreational Opportunities" and "Birds" Restoration Types.
  • It may include proposed projects related to the restoration efforts for each of these Restoration Types.
  • It will also provide information on proposed funding for each project proposed in the plan.
  • The public will have the opportunity to review and provide input on the draft plan when it’s released.

We greatly appreciate the input and ideas provided to date. Project ideas will continue to be reviewed and considered in future Alabama restoration planning efforts.