New Report Charts Adaptive Management Vision for Louisiana Coastal Restoration


The Louisiana Restoration Area trustees recently released Louisiana Adaptive Management Status and Improvement Report: Vision and Recommendations. This report identifies opportunities to improve adaptive management of Louisiana coastal restoration by linking monitoring efforts across restoration programs, formalizing and adaptive management process, and focusing on ecosystem outcomes.

Adaptive management encourages an integrated and flexible approach to restoration by using solutions that incorporate changing and uncertain conditions.  It also offers the ability to incorporate new knowledge throughout the life of projects and over time for large-scale restoration programs. By formalizing the adaptive management process for coastal restoration in Louisiana, we can increase efficiencies and synergies.

The report compiles technical knowledge and identifies opportunities for knowledge and data transfers within, and among, agencies and restoration programs in Louisiana. Additionally, the report supports development of the Louisiana trustees’ Programmatic Monitoring and Adaptive Management Strategy, which is currently underway.

The report is also available on The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority’s Coastal Information Management System site.