Florida Trustee Implementation Group Approves Plan to Enhance Public Access to Coastal Habitats at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge


The Florida Trustee Implementation Group has approved the Phase V.4 Florida Coastal Access Project Plan for the acquisition of the Dickerson Bay parcel. This 114-acre coastal parcel will become part of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will conduct minor restoration activities and implement recreational improvements. The public will have access to hiking and wildlife viewing around unique shrub-scrub and longleaf pine uplands. The estimated cost of the project is $685,000.  

We released a draft plan for public comment on April 18, 2022. To help the public become familiar with our proposal and take public comment, we held a webinar on May 10 and a public meeting on May 12.   

The Florida Coastal Access Project enhances public access to surrounding natural resources and increases recreational opportunities through the acquisition and/or enhancement of coastal land in the Florida Panhandle helping to restore impacts to recreational use due to the spill.  

The first phase of the Florida Coastal Access Project, described in the Phase V Early Restoration Plan, and the second phase, described in the Phase V.2 Restoration Plan, included acquisition and/or enhancement of recreational amenities at five coastal parcels in the Florida Panhandle. The Phase V.3 Restoration Plan included acquisition of a sixth coastal parcel. As of December 2021, the Florida Trustee Implementation Group has 38 different recreational use projects completed or underway. 

The materials prepared for the public meeting and more information about the work of the Florida Trustee Implementation Group can be found at the Florida Restoration Area web page

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