Louisiana Trustees to Gauge Restoration Progress with Nine Monitoring and Adaptive Management Activities


The Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group has approved nine monitoring and adaptive management (MAM) activities to help assess the overall effectiveness of its Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Program.

These activities meet data and information gap needs identified in the Implementation Group’s Monitoring and Adaptive Management Strategy (MAM Strategy), which was adopted in 2021. The MAM Strategy also outlines an approach for prioritizing MAM activities to achieve effective and efficient evaluation of the restoration of natural resources injured by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Louisiana Restoration Area.

Eight of the approved MAM activities are listed below, in accordance with the restoration type each addresses.

The ninth activity, Louisiana Interactive Lessons Learned Database (PDF, 22 pages), is a programmatic and cross-restoration type assessment activity.

The combined budget for all nine MAM activities is $20.4 million and includes from one to five years of funding, depending on the activity.