Alabama Trustees Release Final Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Swift Tract Living Shoreline

Breakwaters made of large rocks protect the shore from wave-driven erosion.

The Alabama Trustee Implementation Group (TIG) has approved a final supplemental environmental assessment to the 2014 Final Phase III Early Restoration Plan. The Alabama Swift Tract Living Shoreline Project: Supplemental Environmental Assessment (PDF, 41 pages) approves a corrective action for the Swift Tract Living Shoreline project, which was originally selected for implementation in the 2014 plan. Under the corrective action, a contractor will relocate rock material from the bay bottom adjacent to the breakwater and place it on a nearby breakwater structure maintained by The Nature Conservancy.  

The final supplemental environmental assessment includes details about the proposed activities and the Alabama TIG’s environmental analysis. The corrective action is consistent with the 2014 Final Phase III Early Restoration Plan project goals. The draft supplemental environmental assessment was made available for public comment from February 24, 2022, through March 28, 2022. No public comments relevant to the draft environmental assessment were received, and no substantive changes were made to the final supplemental environmental assessment from the draft that was released for comment.  

Final Supplemental Environmental Assessment