aerial view of Bayfront Park
Alabama Trustees Approve Additional Funds for the Bayfront Park Restoration and Improvement

The Alabama Trustee Implementation Group has approved the use of earned interest for the Bayfront Park Restoration and Improvement – Phases IIa and IIb Project (Bayfront Park project). 

In the three years since the original budget estimate was created for the project, construction costs have increased dramatically and in an unprecedented manner. Further, additional environmental compliance work over and above what was originally anticipated was required. This delayed implementation and further increased project costs.  

The Bayfront Park project was approved in the Alabama Trustee Implementation Group Restoration Plan III and Environmental Assessment: Provide and Enhance Recreational Opportunities; and Birds (RPIII/EA), which was publicly released December 20, 2019. This project includes shoreline stabilization, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant parking, a pavilion, restroom facilities and other park improvements. The original project budget was $4,683,304. Work began on the project in early 2022, and to date, the shoreline stabilization work has been completed. 

The project engineer’s estimate of the increased costs is $3,884,081.  The new budget for the Bayfront Park project is $8,567,385, of which $991,723 will be funded from earned interest. With this additional funding each of the original project elements will be completed. The Alabama Trustee Implementation Group hopes to complete the construction of this project in 2023.