Change Announced for Oyster Hatchery Project in Gulf Shores, Alabama


The Alabama Trustee Implementation Group (TIG) made the decision to terminate two of the three components of the oyster hatchery project at the Claude Peteet Mariculture Center in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The project, Oyster Hatchery at Claude Peteet Mariculture Center – High Spat Production with Study, was approved by the Alabama TIG in their Final Restoration Plan II/Environmental Assessment (RPII/EA) (PDF, 1,218 pages).

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the implementing Trustee, determined that the construction of an oyster hatchery and transfer of spat at the Dauphin Island facility is not feasible at this time due to increased cost. The terminated components include: 

  1. Construction of an oyster hatchery at the Claude Peteet Mariculture Center in Gulf Shores, Alabama 
  2. Transportation of spat (oyster seed) from the constructed hatchery to Dauphin Island for deployment   

The remaining component, development of a comprehensive oyster restoration strategy (PDF, 78 pages), is fully complete and will be used in the future development of oyster restoration efforts.  

With the termination of these components, more than $2.7 million previously allocated for the project will become available under the Oysters Restoration Type for future activities approved by the Alabama Trustee Implementation Group. 


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