Alabama Trustee Implementation Group Drafting Fourth Restoration Plan

Snowy Plover fledgling (Photo: Audubon Society)

The Alabama Trustee Implementation Group has initiated drafting a Restoration Plan IV/Environmental Assessment. This will be our fourth plan to help address injuries from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This plan will be consistent with the Trustees’ 2016 Programmatic Restoration Plan.

For the Draft RP IV/EA, the AL TIG reviewed all projects analyzed in previous Restoration Plans developed by the Alabama TIG, Regionwide TIG, and by the DWH Trustee Council during Early Restoration, and identified those projects the TIG believes could provide restoration benefits in the Alabama Restoration Area if selected, continued, or expanded upon. Because the Alabama Trustees are considering only projects that have been previously analyzed, no new project suggestions were solicited from the public in developing this Restoration Plan IV. For this upcoming plan, we are evaluating restoration projects for the following restoration types:

  • Wetlands, Coastal, and Nearshore Habitats  
  • Oysters  
  • Birds  
  • Nutrient Reduction 
  • Provide and Enhance Recreational Opportunities

The Draft RP IV/EA will be released for public review and comment prior to final Alabama Trustee Implementation Group decisions on funding and implementation. We anticipate sharing the Draft RP IV/EA in summer, 2024.

New or updated project ideas for future restoration planning may be submitted at any time through our portal. We will continue to review and consider portal submissions during future Alabama restoration planning efforts.  

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