2023 Annual Reports: Deepwater Horizon Trustees Invest $2.97 Billion in 342 Projects

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Throughout 2023, the Trustee Implementation Groups approved 2 new restoration plans and 14 new projects (including 11 new Monitoring and Adaptive Management Activity Implementation Plans). In the 14 years since the spill, the Trustee Implementation Groups have approved 342 different activities, including plans and projects to restore injured Gulf of Mexico resources. The combined allocated cost of restoration projects so far is $2.97 billion.

The Deepwater Horizon Trustees continued the eighth year of post-settlement restoration in 2023. The annual financial summary and annual reports covering all of the Trustees’ restoration activities are now available. We provide these reports each year to help stakeholders and communities stay up to date on our work.

We look forward to sharing these accomplishments at the upcoming June 26 Trustee Council Annual Public Meeting, which we will hold via a webinar. The meeting will include highlights from the past year and updates from each restoration area.

2023 Annual Financial Summary Report 

The Trustees’ 2023 Annual Financial Summary Report (PDF, 2 pages) identifies funding received and allocated for each Trustee Implementation Group through December 31, 2023. The 2016 settlement with BP included up to $8.8 billion for restoration to address natural resource injuries from the spill.

Accessing Annual Activity and Project Reports 

The 2023 annual reports include information on each of the Trustee Implementation Group’s planning activities and project implementation. They show the status of each activity as of December 31, 2023. In total, there are 318 reports available for 2023, which include 278 approved restoration projects. The remaining 40 reports focus on restoration plans and other planning activities.

The updated reports can be found via each of the seven Restoration Area pages and our interactive map of restoration projects. Go to either of those resources for links to detailed information on individual activities.

When you’re on a Restoration Area page, direct links to each activity or project are under the “Projects” heading. Click on a project name, then you’ll be sent to its project page where the report can be downloaded by clicking on the “Print Last Annual Report” link.

If you’re in the interactive map, locate a project and click on the “More Project Information” link in the pop-up window. You’ll then be sent to the same project page mentioned above.

The annual reports include descriptions of the activities and projects, as well as Trustee staff contacts. Additionally, the reports may include monitoring, financial, and environmental compliance information. Although all Trustee Implementation Group restoration planning activities and “on-the-ground” or “in-the-water” projects are listed on the Restoration Area pages, only projects are listed in the interactive map. 

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Access project information and 2023 annual reports through Restoration Area pages or our interactive map. 

Dive Deeper into the Data 

Find more advanced data exploration tools in the Data Integration Visualization Exploration and Reporting Portal (DIVER). This is an easy-to-remember acronym for a powerful restoration reporting tool. You can use DIVER to search, map, and download data on all our restoration projects and related activities.

Visit the Restoration Area Pages and Interactive Map  

Alabama Restoration Area              Texas Restoration Area

Florida Restoration Area                  Regionwide Restoration Area

Louisiana Restoration Area             Open Ocean Restoration Area

Mississippi Restoration Area          Interactive Project Map

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