Restoration Planning

Emergency Restoration

We undertook emergency restoration projects during the response phase to minimize or avoid injury to natural resources. Three projects were conducted in 2011: submerged aquatic vegetation restoration, shorebird habitat enhancements, and sea turtle habitat restoration.

Early Restoration

In 2011, one year after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, BP agreed to provide up to $1 billion toward early restoration projects in the Gulf of Mexico. Since then, we have worked with the public and BP to identify and implement early restoration projects.

We conducted dozens of public meetings and received thousands of comments, which have helped us shape the plans for each phase of early restoration. These projects will allow restoration of the Gulf to begin prior to the conclusion of the damage assessment.

We recently proposed a comprehensive restoration plan for the Gulf of Mexico and took public comments on the draft plan through December 4, 2015. Read more about previous phases of early restoration planning, including the final restoration plans and fact sheets on selected projects.

Comprehensive Restoration

While early restoration projects are ongoing, we continue with comprehensive restoration planning. This process will identify all actions that should be undertaken to restore injured resources and lost recreational opportunities. The cost of such actions is at the heart of the case against the responsible parties. They will serve as the blueprint for the way in which the public’s claim will ultimately be compensated.