Community Provides Feedback on the Florida Pensacola Bay Living Shoreline Project


Last week, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and NOAA held a community workshop on the Florida Pensacola Bay Living Shoreline Project. We asked for community review on the initial project design presented during the workshop. The initial design provides preliminary layouts at two sites, Project GreenShores Site II and Sanders Beach. Many members of the Pensacola community attended the workshop and provided feedback on the proposed project sites, goals, and design layouts.

We are reviewing the feedback received during the workshop and stakeholder engagement will continue throughout development of the project.

Meeting Information

Below you can find the information that was provided during the meeting.

Overview of the Sanders Beach Site Preliminary Layout
Preliminary layout of the Sanders Beach project site
  • The Sanders Beach project site is located approximately one-half mile east of Bayou Chico. 
  • Creates about 17 acres of salt marsh habitat with approximately 40 foot wide channels to enhance habitat and provide access for non-motorized boats. 
  • Creates roughly two acres of oyster reef habitat with intertidal breakwater segments placed approximately 50 feet apart.
  • Located to allow boat access to nearby docks and piers, including a minimum distance of 100 feet from the shoreline.
Overview of the Project GreenShores Site II Preliminary Layout
Preliminary layout of the Project GreenShores II project site
  • The Project GreenShores Site II is located immediately west of Muscogee Wharf.
  • Creates about 1 acre of salt marsh habitat with small tidal channels to enhance habitat previously created by Project GreenShores.
  • Elevates the existing northern breakwater to protect the salt marsh and create about one acre of intertidal oyster reef habitat.
  • Creates roughly two acres of submerged oyster reef habitat through the placement of a low-crested breakwater.

What are living shorelines?

The Pensacola Bay Living Shoreline Project builds upon and continues Project GreenShores to create a living shoreline along the City of Pensacola waterfront. Project GreenShores is an award-winning habitat restoration and creation effort along the urban shoreline of Pensacola Bay.

Infographic about the benefits provided by living shorelines

Living shorelines are made of natural materials such as plants, sand, or rock. They are a natural alternative to “hard” shoreline stabilization methods like bulkheads. Benefits of living shorelines include:

  • Protect shorelines from erosion and storms
  • Provide habitat for fish and other wildlife
  • Improve water quality and store nutrients
  • Increase shoreline stability over time